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APRIL 22, 2020

Lucky v0.21 introduces a beautiful new log experience.

Lucky v0.21 is out now. This release is a straightforward upgrade that adds new Log methods and improvements to the logs in dev.

Lucky v0.21 is out now and works with the newest version of Crystal (v0.34.0)

Be sure to upgrade your version of Crystal, and take a look at our UPGRADE NOTES for help with migrating your app.

# Clearer logs

Logged errors are now much easier to find and understand.

  • Make it super clear where the error begins
  • Highlight where backtrace begins
  • Dims non-app code lines so you can focus on your app’s code
Picture of error log

Lucky also includes the HTTP status in English so you don’t need to google status codes as much:

Picture of error log

# Switch to Crystal v0.34 Log class

Lucky v0.21 now uses the Log class that was added in Crystal v0.34.0. Log gives us lot of goodies like like adding context to log entries, simpler configuration, and better performance.

# New version of Dexter

This release also uses the newest version of Dexter which extends the built-in Crystal Log with all kinds of great abilities.

  • Helpers for testing log messages
  • Built in formatters that print production ready log messages
  • Type-safe configuration
  • Methods for logging key/value data

# Parting words

We’re very excited about this release, and hope you are too. Please give it a spin and help us find bugs so our next release is even more solid. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to report the issue. If you’re unsure, just hop on gitter chat so we can help you out.

Thanks so much for the support!

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