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# Path and route helpers

Lucky automatically generates some helpers for generating routes to your actions.

You can access them as class methods on the action itself. They are:

  • route - returns a Lucky::RouteHelper object that contains the path, HTTP method, and the full URL as methods path, method, url.
  • with - an alias for route that is used for passing parameters.
  • path - returns a string of just the path.
  • url - returns a string with the whole URL including query params.
  • url_without_query_params - will return the URL but without query params.
# src/actions/projects/users/
class Projects::Users::Index < BrowserAction

  get "/projects/:project_id/users" do
    plain_text "Users"

From your pages or components, you can use these with the link method:

class Projects::Users::ShowPage < MainLayout

  def content
    # <a href="/projects/my_project_id/users">Back to Users Index</a>
    link "Back to Users Index",
      to: Projects::Users::Index.with(project_id: "my_project_id")

The route Projects::Users::Index.with(project_id: "my_project_id") returns a Lucky::RouteHelper object that gives you access to a few methods:

These values are based on the action class this route points to.

Learn more about using the routes in the Pages guide.

# Setting an anchor

In a web page, an anchor is a an element you can use to take a user to a specific part of a page. For example, we use this to link to different parts of a guide page.

The with method takes an anchor argument.

def content
  # href="/guides/making-tacos#cheeses"
  link "See Section 2 of the guide",
    to: Guides::Show.with(id: "making-tacos", anchor: "cheeses")

# Using raw strings

If you need to pass arbitrary query params, or just need the path as a string, you can use the path or url methods directly. Note that link doesn’t take a String, so you would need to use the a() HTML helper method directly.

def content
  a "Search again", href: Search::Index.path + "?a=1&b=2"
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